Important Qualities Every Coach Driver Must Have

A good coach company only employs the best drivers. And Bus Hire Compare ensure that all our affiliate companies vet their drivers in every aspect concerning transporting groups of passengers.

The driver at the wheel is so important to a transport company for many reasons, and not least because he is the public face of the company. The driver represents what the coach company stands for and is representative of the whole operation.

So what are the important qualities that every good coach driver must have? We have listed below some of the most important attributes any good coach driver must have.

Important Qualities Every Coach Driver Must Have


Above all, the driver of a bus or coach should be personable and approachable. Passengers have to feel confident with the person at the wheel and if they feel they can approach the driver with concerns and questions they will be far more likely to sit back and enjoy the trip.

Even before a passenger takes their seat the driver should be welcoming them on board and explaining the day in terms of route and times etc. As always a friendly smile goes a long way to create the right impression and ambiance.


Above all, the driver is the captain of his own ship and must show who is in control at all times. Every coach charter brings a fresh new challenge. The mix of passengers will be totally different and a driver has to adapt.

The top drivers are those who are natural born leaders, and they are there first and foremost to look after the safety of the passengers and the vehicle.

Act Calm and Collected

Each excursion throws up its own unique difficulties and truly capable drivers can handle anything that gets thrown at them in a calm and confident manner.

Some of the problems that can crop up on a coach charter are:

  • Poor weather conditions
  • Bad driving
  • Poor traffic conditions
  • Road closures
  • Problems with the vehicle
  • Problems with passengers
  • Road rage


Driving a bus full of people is not your average job and to be successful a driver needs to have dedication to who they are working for and the job that they are doing. With this quality it not only makes them better drivers but will make their work more rewarding.

Most of us spend a third of our lives working, so you may as well be happy and contented at what you do.


All good drivers are highly respectful of their colleagues and who they work for. This attitude rubs off on how they treat their passengers. It may seem to many that a driver is a lone wolf but this is often not so. Many drivers work for a large transport company and form part of an effective team.
Important Qualities Every Coach Driver Must Have
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