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Arranging Transport for a School Trip

Are you organising a field trip for your school? Have you ever done this before? Many school excursions are left to just teachers or administrators to organise, who have little experience of doing anything remotely like it before.

One of the very key elements of any school trip is how the students are transported safely and promptly. Securing the services of a professional group transportation company such as 
Bus Hire Compare can really help organisers.

Reliable and professional transport operators have vast experience in taking students from schools and colleges on all types of excursions. And their expert drivers know exactly how to transport and look after young people.

Planning Your Trip

Taking students on an external field excursion can either be a dream or a nightmare. And to hopefully have the former you need to plan the day to its very last detail.

Transporting a bus full of students to a public place is a tricky task, and proper planning is definitely needed to ensure everybody gets home safe and sound.

Steps in Planning

There are multiple factors to consider arranging an educational field trip no matter where you are going or how many students are travelling.

  • Decide on the location
  • Make sure the school administrator gives the okay
  • Ensure your transportation is of high quality and experienced in taking school trips
  • Work out the eating logistics
  • Make sure you will have adequate supervision
  • Make sure that the excursion ties in with your school’s curriculum

You need to consider all of the points above to ensure that your excursion goes as smoothly as possible.

Get the Transport Organised

The transport for your school outing is a key element. If it does not turn up or is late then the whole trip could be at risk. First pick a reliable and affordable group transportation company that has been operating for some time.

Try and select one that has experience of school trips and has the vehicles suitable for what you require. A good logistics company such as Bus Hire Compare can be a real boon to an organiser of a field trip.

Ensure You Have the Adequate Supervision

Being the organiser you need to calculate how many adults you will need on the trip. There is no rule of thumb to this, it all depends on the ages of the students, where you are going, and how mature or difficult they are.

Taking parents of the students on the field trip is a great idea. The children are far more likely to behave if their dad or mum is on the trip. The other benefit of this is the parents can act as third party witnesses should any problems occur.

If you take into account these handy tips then your school excursion should go perfectly, and both you and the students can really enjoy the day. Contact Bus Hire Compare when you are ready to book your transportation and leave all the logistical transport problems to us.

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